Key Stage 4

Mathematics concerns the study of number, algebra, shape & space, statistics and probability which are combined with problem solving and reasoning. All students will follow a programme of study based upon the National Curriculum. Pupils will be entered for either the foundation or higher tier examination based on their ability.

Students will study the Edexcel course (1MA1) which consists of three papers taken at the end of Year 11:

Paper 1 Non Calculator : 1 hour 30 minutes (33%)

Paper 2 Calculator Paper : 1 hour 30 minutes (33%)

Paper 3 Calculator Paper : 1 hour 30 minutes (33%)

Below are lists of useful websites and the text books we recommend:

  Foundation Revision Material

Higher Revision Material 

The current scheme of work we are following for the GCSE curriculum is shown in the Curriculum Detail 2019-2020

If you have any questions about the mathematics course please contact the mathematics department, we are always happy to help.

Key Stage 3

When students join Year 7 they are put into different sets based on their ability in Mathematics. This arrangement continues through Key stage 3 with regular half termly assessments to allow for tracking of progress and ensuring students are working at the correct level for them to be challenged. The subject content will meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and is based on the Key Stage 3 National Strategy Framework for teaching Mathematics.

The course is based a round the key areas of number, algebra, handling data, probability, space, shape and measures. We are currently following the Collins Framework which allows us to focus on a varied topics each half term.

Primary Liaison

We pride ourselves on our links with our local primary schools. We a lot spend time each year visiting primary schools to assess the next year’s intake and promote RICH Mathematics learning tasks. We run an annual Maths Road Show where our Year 8 students visit local primary schools to deliver bespoke engaging activities to Year 6 students. The Maths Road Show has proved to be a great success and we hope to build on that success over the next few years.

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