Performing Arts

There is a monumental affection for performing arts at Holbrook Academy. We take a huge amount of pride in the talent that all of our students possess, and we make it our mission to nurture and develop these talents and skills to allow our students to progress into the world of performing arts outside of the Academy.

Not only do students leave Holbrook with a much broader understanding of life within the realms of music, art, drama, and dance, but many develop a love of the arts early on in their studies, thus encouraging these students to join theatrical companies, youth and national orchestras, professional dance groups, and technical establishments within the sector.

Subject leads for all creative arts are constantly developing and improving both the curriculum that the Academy offers, along with investing greatly in the resources available to the students to allow them to gain experience with the equipment that a professional artist often encounters. The Academy’s Music department is in the process of developing a fully functional, professional recording studio for the students to utilise throughout all key stages. In addition, the music curriculum has just been redesigned for all year groups, with a focus on improving instrumental and vocal ability, whilst immersing students in a multitude of contemporary and classical genres. The team of peripatetic instrument and vocal instructors that teach at the Academy are carefully selected professional musicians that have travelled far and wide in their musical career, leading to a vast depth of experience, professionalism, technical ability, and talent within the music industry.

Holbrook Academy’s Drama department study theatrical concepts originating from Shakespeare to modern-day West End and Broadway musicals. The dedication found from the subject teachers and practitioners in this department is unrivalled. The staff, alongside leading professionals in their field, are employed to support and guide the Academy’s students through the process of developing the required theatrical skills in preparation for their GCSE studies, and putting on multi-event school productions throughout the year. The development of lighting and show technology for the main stage and drama studio is currently under consultation with specialist contractors, with plans to purchase a brand-new lighting system for both areas of the Academy for our students to use.  In addition, dance as a subject is in the process of being developed, with future plans to offer dance as a GCSE option.

Performing arts is very much a cross-curricular affair at the Academy. Set design, costume design, and hair/make-up is all done in house with the support of the Design & Technology and Art departments. Catering and hospitality found at all of the Academy’s events is designed and provided by the students, with the support of the Food Technology department, and many of the support staff and other subject leads at the Academy support the performing arts through giving their time to support and guide our students through these school productions.

Finally, the Academy prides itself on the extra-curricular performing arts activities it offers our students. Throughout the year, all students are given the opportunity to visit productions in the West End, local professional theatrical establishments, and other school productions from the Academy’s local schools and colleges. At KS4, music students are offered the opportunity to attend a live music performance by renowned musicians, with the purpose of highlighting key skills in live music performance. You will also find subject leads within the arts often spending their time attending productions that our students are performing in outside of school, thus further supporting these students in the world of the arts.

In short – Holbrook Academy strives to be a leader in performing arts education. The skills, talent, and guidance offered by all members of staff within the Academy really inspire a love of artistic creativity, and encourage our students to be the very best artist they can be.