Art & Design

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Students are offered the Edexcel unendorsed GCSE in Art and Design, which is designed as a general course to incorporate art, craft and design in a variety of disciplines ranging from paint, print, sculpture, mixed media, collage, photography, textiles and drawing. Work is measured against four Assessment Objectives: Develop, Refine, Record and Present.  Guidance and feedback is given regularly through verbal, visual and written means.

The Edexcel GCSE in Art and Design consists of two units:

Unit 1: Personal Portfolio, 60% of the overall mark.

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment, 40% of the overall mark. 20 hours of taught preparation with a 10 hour exam to complete a final piece.

First hand and contextual sources provide starting points to generate and develop ideas. Students will learn how to effectively analyse artwork, this critical thinking informs their growing visual language, helping to evolve their skills and their understanding of Art and Design. The work of artists and designers will provide inspiration for subject matter, style, techniques and materials.

Submissions for each unit must contain supporting studies and a personal response from the student, with evidence of working in at least two disciplines. Students can produce supporting studies in a variety of means, such as sketchbooks, pages of their portfolio and maquettes, demonstrating their progress as their ideas develop.

Broad concepts and themes are explored across three topics during completion of coursework: Organic forms, Identity, and the third is determined by a past exam paper. Throughout the course there is an emphasis on building students’ independence, confidence, and proficiency with materials and techniques, which allows the successful completion of coursework and External Set Assignment.

If you have any questions about the Art and Design course, please contact the Art department, we are always happy to help.

Key Stage 3

Art at Key Stage 3 is based around four key areas to develop students understanding, skills and enjoyment of Art.


MAKE: Techniques and Processes

EVALUATE: Record and Develop

KNOWLEDGE: Critical, Cultural and Historical Understanding

Students will explore art in projects designed to broadly cover a variety of subjects, materials and techniques. Competence and confidence is encouraged in a range of creative processes, with an emphasis on exploring the formal elements of line, tone, texture, shape, form, space and pattern.

Students are encouraged to explore themes, ideas and imagination in a creative way, producing art works which are personal to their investigations. Home learning projects are influenced by class projects, offering students the opportunity to independently develop their imaginative, creative and investigative skills. Final outcomes, home learning tasks, and other visual research is celebrated on displays around the department and across the school.

Example projects for Key Stage 3

Year 7:

  • Hands – Who am I?
  • Colour Theory – Foot Print journey
  • Patterned Cubes
  • The Birds are Coming!

Year 8:

  • Textural Text
  • Environments
  • Beautiful Beetles
  • African Pattern

Year 9:

  • Pop Art Food
  • Me, Myself and I
  • Still Life
  • Recycled, Reuse, Remake