Curriculum Intents

Holbrook Academy has a clear vision of its curriculum offer which are founded upon the following intents;

  1. Our Curriculum provides wide-ranging learning opportunities for all our students; we are an inclusive school which adapts the curriculum to meet the needs of all our students.
  2. Our curriculum is ambitious and provides an aspirational pathway for all our students. Every stage of our curriculum planning has an explicit focus for student progression.
  3. Our curriculum model is rooted in the national curriculum and all our students experience clearly defined Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 schemes of learning. We are committed to ensuring that the overwhelming majority of students complete all their chosen courses.
  4. We aim to inspire our students’ aspirations, including enabling our students (regardless of sex, ethnicity, social background or needs) to gain the skills and confidence they need to participate in academic discourse.
  5. Our curriculum planning promotes reinforcement, fluency and then mastery of key skills. The school is committed to promoting cross curricular approaches with a particular focus on embedding vital literacy and numeracy skills.
  6. All students should have frequent opportunities to enjoy “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”
  7. We aspire to promote a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder within our students
  8. Our curriculum finds frequent opportunities to celebrate human creativity and achievement. The school has a firm commitment to both nurturing and developing student creativity and we want all our students to both understand and experience what for them it means to “be in their element”.
  9. Our curriculum offer provides further opportunities to explore and debate vital contemporary issues and life skills. We aim to nurture the Holbrook characteristics throughout our pastoral guidance and support.
  10. Our curriculum model aims to work in partnership with local feeder schools, colleges and places of work to ensure that we are both providing coherent programmes of study and responding to the local context in which our school is placed. However, our school curriculum also inspires our students to reach out beyond the familiar and to go to infinity and beyond.