Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, students are offered subject choices that support pupils’ learning and progression, and enable them to work towards achieving their goals.  The KS4 curriculum gives students the knowledge, skills, confidence and cultural capital they need to follow their chosen pathways and to be prepared for future learning and employment.

In Years 10 and 11 students are taught the subjects outlined below with the allocation of time for each subject per fortnight  (lessons are either 60, 65 or 70 minutes):

KS4 Time Allocation

Year 10 Year 11
English 8 8
Maths 7 7
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 9 9
Option Subjects 5 5
PE Core 2 2
Lifeskills 1 1
Citizenship 1 1
Enrichment 2 2
50 50

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is taught through science and life skills lessons. Parents have a right to request to withdraw their child from sex education (please refer to the Academy’s RSE Policy).

Careers education forms part of the curriculum for all students. It is structured to enable students to learn about themselves, their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses and to support them in making informed decisions regarding their own future. All students will have access to impartial advice and guidance to help them to make well informed decisions when choosing Key Stage 4 options and post 16 courses. Students will have the opportunity to undertake a period of work experience during Key Stage 4.