Student Voice

The strength and influence of our student voice has been growing over recent years through a reinvigorated Student Council and our well-established Student Ambassador system.

Our student Council is an integral part of our school community. When asked what students cherish the most about their school their responses included:

“I cherish the atmosphere in Holbrook”

“…all the teachers are helpful and so welcoming” 

“I really value the sense of community at Holbrook. Everyone knows everyone”

“… the homely environment is something unique to Holbrook and something that I know everyone (student and staff) appreciates greatly.”

“The school has always done an astounding job at promoting inclusivity and equality”

“I cherish that the school is relatively small regarding the number of students and would like to keep it that way”

“I like that we have forms who are like our family at school and can support us emotionally”

“What I really cherish about Holbrook Academy is that the teachers and support staff are really fun on school trips; for example getting involved with games that the students are playing.”

 “…most importantly our teachers and support staff always support us”


The School Council agreed upon a set of key characteristics which promote throughout the school; both in and out of our classrooms.

The “5 Holbrook characteristics” are:

  1. Tolerance
  2. Confidence
  3. Kindness
  4. Resilience
  5.  Determination

Copies of Minutes of meetings of the School Council will be shown here.