Key Stage 4:

Current Year 11, study the Edexcel GCSE Geography A course which covers a wide choice of exciting, contemporary topics reflecting the world we live in, with greater focus on climate change, sustainability, and the geographical skills that employers expect.

Key features of the Edexcel GCSE Geography A:

  • Scope to personalise the course to students’ interests and location
  • Fewer case studies – instead, you can base lessons on real-world events as they happen
  • A single controlled assessment with titles available two years in advance to help with planning

Clear units consisting of :

Unit 1 – Geographical Skills and Challenges – a chance to learn and use a variety of geographical skills, including cartographic (map), ICT and GIS. Students will also investigate the major challenges faced by the planet today, a key topic for anyone living in the 21st century.

Questions such as ‘How and why our climate is changing?’ are explored.

Unit 2 – The Natural Environment – this unit builds an overall understanding of physical geography around us in the natural world by looking at river, coastal and tectonic landscapes. We also look at the issues affecting the management of our global water supply.

Questions such as ‘What causes major flooding and what we can do to prevent it?’ are explored.

Unit 3 – The Human Environment – this unit develops an overall understanding of human geography and the issues affecting the diverse people living on our planet by examining how population, settlements and economies change. We also take a look at how tourism has been a vehicle for change.

Questions such as ‘why are there so many elderly people in the UK?’ are explored.

Unit 4 – Investigating Geography (the Controlled Assessment) – this unit will involve undertaking research, carrying out fieldwork and then writing it up.

How are students assessed?

  • Higher and Foundation examination papers are available.
  • Units 1, 2 and 3 exams are resource based. Students will have a booklet containing maps, photographs and diagrams to help them answer the questions.
  • Units 1, 2 and 3 exam questions will range from short questions to larger extended written responses.
  • Unit 4 is the controlled assessment unit. Students complete a fieldwork task, and analyse and write up their results in class.

Students following the course will have exam style assessments at the end of each unit to assess performance and are tracked in order to decide on the most suitable tier for them to take when it comes to the final exams in Year 11.

Year 10 students study AQA A Geography course covering the following topics:-

  • Living with the Physical Environment
  • Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Geographical Application (including fieldwork)

More details can be found in the Curriculum Details 2016-2017

Key Stage 3:

The units outlined in the table below are designed to respond to changes in the national curriculum for our students but also to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to play their part in an ever changing world.

Year 7: The Home Region, Kenya Rivers.

Year 8: Brazil, Coasts, Fashion Victims.

Year 9: Tourism, Japan, Development Gap.


We recognise the importance of fieldtrips and study outside the classroom and with this in mind cross-curricular trips will be planned accordingly.

If you require any further information please contact Miss Cook at the school.