Celebrating Diversity

Here at Holbrook Academy we are committed to promoting diversity and equality in every aspect of school life. Through our curriculum, and especially subjects such as Philosophy, Religion and Ethics alongside Life Skills, we aim to explore diversity in its variety of forms.

We aim to create a united and cohesive community through our commitment to fairness and justice. We respect diversity and challenge and act upon all forms of discrimination and inequality, including racism, homophobia sexism and other forms of discrimination and prejudice.

In assemblies to take positive action to illuminate the pupils awareness of racial and social harmony by exploring different challenges that us, as a society, face together. This in turn is shared and discussed in form group to create an even more personalised environment for this joint exploration.

There is an unwavering focus to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to be the best version of themselves irrespective of gender, ethnic or racial background, religion, ability or sexuality.

We promote British Values of tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths, and the rule of law and democracy. Our shared values, consideration of each other and pride in who we are as community underpin every interaction and decision in our school. We are proud of who we are and what we represent.