Key Stage 4

GCSE History engages students in the process of historical enquiry to develop them as independent learners and critical thinkers. Students develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past and to investigate them using a range of sources.

You will study:

The American West, 1840-1895: This study in depth concentrates on the way in which the American West was settled and developed by various groups of people between 1840-1895, and the impact of this settlement on the Plains Indians. Topics include The Mormons, law and order in cattle towns and The Battle of Little Bighorn. There is an emphasis on conflicts which resulted from the clash of different cultures and lifestyles.

International Conflict and Tension (Year 10): This wider world study will look at the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and reaction to it.  The formation of the League of Nations, its structure and formation, its response to international incidents and its eventual collapse.  The origins and outbreak of the Second World War.

Medicine Through Time: You will investigate how the Ancient Egyptians treated the sick, why surgery was so painful 200 years ago and how the discovery of DNA could change medicine forever.

Elizabethan England 1568-1603: Students will study the character of Elizabeth I and the composition of her government. We will look at life in Elizabethan England including the lives of the poor and the culture of the times.  Students will study the problems Elizabeth faced both at home and abroad.

The Historical Environment: Elizabethan England – specified site for 2018 exam – Hardwick Hall.   Students will spend 10 lessons studying Hardwick Hall. They will examine the relationship between the site and the key events, features and developments of the period.  The following aspects of the site will be considered:-

  • Location
  • Function
  • Structure
  • People connected with Hardwick Hall
  • Design
  • How design reflects culture, value, fashions of the people at the time
  • How important events from Elizabethan England are connected to the site.


Key Stage 3

Students will study the following topics in each year group:-

Year 7:

  • Why was the Roman Army so successful?
  • How civilized were the Romans?
  • Why did William I win the Battle of Hastings and was he a successful ruler?
  • How far did experiences of medieval life vary?
  • Who was to blame for the murder of Thomas Becket?
  • The life and times of King John – an historical depth study.
  • How did the Scottish achieve independence from Britain?

Year 8:

  • How and why Dunwich changed from Roman period to today.
  • What were the main causes of English civil war?
  • Cromwell’s actions in Drogheda, Ireland.
  • How important was Thomas Clarkson’s role in the abolition of the slave trade?
  • How successful were the methods of the Chartists?
  • How successful were the methods of the Suffragettes? How significant was Emily Davison in the suffragette movement?
  • The British Empire and Slavery.

Year 9:

  • Why did so many people die on the Titanic?
  • What were the main causes of WW1?
  • Does the film ‘The Battle of the Somme’ provide realistic evidence about the Battle of the Somme?
  • Who was Jack the Ripper and how did he get away with murder?
  • What was the biggest turning point in World War Two?
  • The Holocaust.

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