Bus Services

Most students attending Holbrook Academy travel in from other local villages and towns.  There are a number of reliable bus services to and from the Academy:

603 – Shotley, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone, Academy

604 – Shotley, Academy

615 – Whitehouse, Chantry, Stoke, Wherstead, Tattingstone, Brantham, Sutton, Academy

616 – Ravenswood, Ipswich Docks, The Strand, Freston, Academy

92 –  Ipswich Cattle Market, Freston, Academy

98 –  Shotley, Erwarton, Harkstead, Academy

Further information on bus services for students can be obtained from SuffolkOnboard

We run a weekly late bus service which drops at Woolverstone, Chelmondiston, Shotley, Stutton, Tattingstone, Wherstead Road, Ipswich Cattle Market.  Additional late buses run in the examination season to enable students to stay later for revision sessions.

Walking & Cycling

Local students are encouraged to walk or cycle in where there are suitable safe routes.  The Academy supports students in attending cycle safety classes.

Car Sharing

Holbrook Academy is keen to help anyone considering car share arrangements to transport their children to and from the Academy. Car sharing makes sense financially and environmentally. It could be used regularly or for one-off journeys.

You never know, there could be others travelling from your area already!

Please contact the Academy office if you would like to be added to our register of potential car-sharers, whether you are looking for a lift or have spare seats in your car. We can put you in touch with others in your area on the register and then it is up to you to make arrangements to suit your individual circumstances.

Please send an email to with details of your name, address, telephone number and number of seats offered or number of passengers required.

Car sharing does not normally affect an individual’s car insurance as long as no profit is being made and the vehicle seats eight or less. If you are in any doubt, please check with your insurer.

Holbrook Academy is offering a contact service and will not be involved in, or have any liabilities concerning any arrangements that are made.


Parking in the local vicinity

Please can you ensure that if you are choosing to park in the local vicinity to drop-off or collect your child, you do so in a safe and considerate manner. Please ensure you respect our local neighbours and do not block driveways or any other access.