Maritime Futures

Holbrook Academy is a secondary school situated on a rural Suffolk peninsula. A popular community school, our core purpose is to be an ambitious and aspirational school for all.

Holbrook provides a broad and rich curriculum through quality-first teaching to promote student engagement; we aspire to instil a sense of awe and wonder within our students.

Geographically, our school is surrounded by a landscape that encapsulates this awe and wonder. On the border of Suffolk and Essex, we are surrounded by the rivers and countryside that inspired John Constable. The rivers Orwell, Gipping, Deben and Stour, together with the local reservoir Alton Water, are points of reference for our children who sail, swim, kayak, cycle, paddleboard – live and thrive, in and around this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Commercially, from Ipswich to Felixstowe, the Gipping, Orwell and Stour culminate at Harwich Harbour, and then feed into the North Sea. Felixstowe is the largest container port in the UK, and both rivers are home to a variety of maritime businesses, both logistical and leisure.

Despite this, Ipswich itself is a demographically a relatively deprived area, with 37% of children living in poverty [End Child Poverty Coalition, 2022]

At Holbrook, we want all our students to know for themselves what it means to be in their element and to think of their future lives without limits; living life “to infinity and beyond”. Embracing the maritime context gives us the opportunity to redefine the boundaries of ambition, to show children that their careers could take them further than they might imagine.

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KS3 Maritime Curriculum