Our Values & Aims

Holbrook is a happy, vibrant, aspirational place where each and every person feels valued and inspired to do their very best every day.

Holbrook is a school for everyone – we welcome all children from across the peninsula and beyond and we treat each child as an individual.

We are an ambitious independent academy with a staff team who are determined and passionate about their work. We want to make sure each student achieves their very best from their time with us and grows into an exceptional and confident young adult ready for the next stage of their life.

We are a small school which means we really get to know our students, our staff, our families, friends and our community. Holbrook is a caring and compassionate place, where our students have the space to flourish and feel nurtured.

Holbrook Academy’s aims include:

  • To be a strong community school; providing clear and effective communication and support to all parents and carers.
  • To set and monitor personalised support for all groups of learners including those who are Disadvantaged or have Special Educational Needs.
  • To ensure that all students experience a rich range of cultural and sporting activities.
  • To raise standards and strengthen student progression through professional collaboration
  • To deliver a broad and rich curriculum offer with a thriving EBacc at its core. To sequence learning to promote mastery and fluency; ensuring homework is consistent and ambitious.
  • To maintain high expectations regarding behaviour and conduct and to introduce a new restorative approach.
  • To establish and promote the “Holbrook Characteristics” throughout our school; including promoting key characteristics like kindness, ambition and resilience.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles choices for all our students. To promote genuine interest in the welfare and wellbeing of all people who work in our school; including managing staff workload effectively.
  • To deliver C21 facilities and resources for all students.


Our 5 Year Vision document can be found here:- 5 year vision for Holbrook