In accordance with the guidance in the Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021  we have considered the following both the value for money and affordability of our uniform but this is something we will keep under review.

All Years

  • Black trousers (No jeans, ’skinny’ or jean style trousers or leggings), or
  • Black skirt (Knee length pleated or straight but not frilled or tight/figure hugging)
  • Plain white shirt
  • Academy tie
  • Navy jumper with Academy logo
  • Plain black footwear

General Uniform Rules

  • No coloured t-shirts to be worn under shirts
  • Belts should be black and fit belt loops of school trousers/skirts
  • Jewellery and make up should be discreet
  • Ear piercings should be discreet and consist of a single piercing in the earlobe, not bars and rings or studs at the top of the ear which can be a health and safety issue.
  • A discreet nose stud is allowed but no other facial or body piercing is permitted, ie tongue, eyebrow, lip, etc
  • No inappropriate hair colours/extreme styles – experimentation with hair style / colour should be saved for the holidays.
  • No long painted nails, acrylic or otherwise.
  • No false eyelashes/eyelash extensions.
  • Hats, bandanas, do-rags, and other similar headwear are not permitted.
  • Tights should be plain black or neutral colour and not patterned or lace.
  • Coats should not be worn in or around the school unless permission is given by a member of staff.

In colder weather, students should wear a coat to school to keep them warm outside and not a hoodie or other non-school uniform jumper.

Should the affordability of specific branded items become a challenge for you please do make contact with us (office@holbrookacademy.org) and we can find a way to support. Furthermore, we will be hosting a second-hand uniform sale from donated uniforms in the Autumn term. If you have any uniform that is no longer needed please arrange for it to be donated to the Academy.

On all issues of uniform, Form Tutors and staff from the Pastoral team will have the final say on what is discreet and appropriate for school.

The uniform guide and price list from Coes can be found here – Coes Uniform Information 2023