Year 7-10

  • Black trousers (No jeans, ’skinny’ or jean style trousers or leggings), or
  • Black skirt (Knee length pleated or straight but not frilled or tight/figure hugging)
  • Plain white shirt with Academy tie
  • Navy jumper with Academy logo
  • Plain black footwear

 Year 11

  • As above but Black jumper with Academy logo

 General Uniform Rules

  • No coloured t-shirts to be worn under polo shirts
  • Belts should be black and fit belt loops of school trousers/skirts
  • Jewellery and make up should be
  • Ear piercings should be discreet and consist of a single piercing in the earlobe, not bars and rings or studs at the top of the ear which can be a health and safety issue.
  • A discreet nose stud is allowed but no other facial or body piercing is permitted, ie tongue, eyebrow, lip, etc
  • No inappropriate hair colours/extreme styles – experimentation with hair style / colour should be saved for the holidays.
  • Hoodies, hats, bandanas, do-rags, and other similar headwear are not permitted.