Transition from Year 6

Welcome to Holbrook Academy. We value and encourage the participation of parents in every aspect of academy life. You are welcome to visit the Academy at any time to discuss your child’s progress.


Welcome to the Transition page of our website. Here you will find a timeline of the transition process:

  • March to May – Mr Anstee-Parry is gathering information from Year 6 teachers and SENCos regarding the new pupils.
  • May – Mr Anstee-Parry will begin to visit primary schools
  • May / June – Mr Anstee-Parry will send the ‘Go Big, Be Awesome’ books to all students starting in September 2023 via their primary schools
  • June – Mr Anstee-Parry will release a survey to families about transition and form group preferences
  • Tuesday 4th July – Pupil Transition Day at Holbrook Academy.   Pupils are invited to attend the Academy for the day to experience lessons and get to know their peers. They will be supported by Year 10 student leaders for the day to help them to adjust to life at Holbrook
  • Thursday 6th July – Transition Evening for Parents/Carers.   An evening with key staff: Mr Anstee-Parry, the rest of the leadership team and some form tutors
  • July – Form groups/Tutors will be shared with families


The first day of term for our new Year 7 students will be Wednesday 6th September 2023.  When students arrive at the Academy, they should make their way to the main hall for their first assembly and from there will join their form tutors.  A letter from Mr Anstee-Parry regarding the first day of term will be available here in the next few weeks.

All parents/carers were sent details of their child’s form tutor at the end of the Summer term.  If you have any queries, please contact the main office –




If you have any concerns or queries about your child starting at Holbrook Academy, please contact Mr Anstee-Parry, Deputy Headteacher, using