Holbrook Academy values a range of partnerships and collaborative working.

We have great partnerships with the children from all our local primary schools, and with the sixth forms and colleges who will be taking our students on the next step. These relationships are really important to us.

Primary school links are important and we make it our job to keep in touch with our feeder primary schools and all those from where students arrive.  Our comprehensive transition programme ensures that we can best support our new students into Year 7.

We also have fantastic connections with business and industry, with great opportunities for our students to hear first-hand about the world of work and the exciting things that could for them happen in the future.  We love to have visits from inspiring speakers from all walks of life – from sporting heroes to top scientists.

We seek opportunities to work with other schools and students attend the regular SWISS workshops that involve students from secondary schools across Ipswich joining together in their learning.

Other local sporting and education opportunities such as fixtures, public speaking, STEM, mock trials, learning new languages, arts all provide students with opportunities with effective collaborative working.

As a stand-alone Academy, Holbrook Academy builds effective partnerships that enable enhanced resources, teaching, learning and support. The Academy is currently taking active steps to join a local Trust  and will update all stakeholders on this significant process.