Home Learning

“Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education.”
-1999 White Paper, Excellence in Schools

Homework and home learning tasks will now be set using a combination of Go4schools and Google Classroom; these are important teaching and learning tools which allow maximum engagement between teachers and the students we teach.

Tasks set will fall into the following categories:

  • preparatory work for upcoming and new topics
  • extension work that builds on prior knowledge gained within the classroom
  • revision skills and ‘mastery’ of learning
  • provide opportunities for students to be independent
  • extended tasks that require students to demonstrate time-management and other organisational skills

Homework and home-learning tasks are not tasks that:

  • have no relevance to learning within the classroom
  • provide no value to the curriculum
  • are set for the sake of setting homework

Parents can monitor the homework that has been set using the GO4SCHOOL’s app; this will provide weekly updates about what homework has been set and when it is due, along with a wealth of other information in relation to progress, attendance and behaviour.

The following timetables have been created to help students plan and organise their homework into manageable ‘chunks’.

Home Learning Timetable Year 7 and 8

Home Learning Timetable Year 9

Tasks set will be easy to follow for both students and parents. They must have clear instructions and explanations and must be fully resourced so that students / parents can access them.  Work set should be suited to the needs and abilities of the learners in each group.

Feedback for homework and home learning tasks will be given in the school standard form of ‘Next Steps’, where necessary. For GCSE students, links will also be made to the assessment foci.  This will usually be completed ‘live’, using the Google Classroom software.

The amount of time allocated for homework will vary according to each subject, but as a rough guide, each subject will expect students to be working on their home learning tasks each week for following amounts of time:

  • KS3 (7/8): 30 minutes per subject, per week
  • KS3 (9): 45 minutes per subject, per week
  • KS4 : 60 minutes per subject, per week + additional revision at school and at home

For KS4 students, please use your GCSE revision packs and planners, GCSEPod and Google Classroom. Blank timetables have been provided for you to complete and fill in so you can structure your own revision plan. Use the sample timetables to help, but if you are unsure, please ask!

Rewards:  Students who consistently complete homework to the best of their ability will be rewarded for their efforts through the school’s plus point system, allowing them the opportunity to be recognised for their efforts through the ‘celebration’ events at the end of each half-term.

  • +1 Gold Star: Homework that is complete and handed in on time
  • +2 Top Supporter: Homework that demonstrates outstanding effort and understanding
  • +3 Positive Learner: Homework that is used as an exemplar for others

Sanctions:  It is an expectation that all students at Holbrook engage fully with their learning and this includes completing homework to the best of their ability and working to a deadline to ensure that it is submitted on time. A student’s classroom teacher will issue a sanction if the student fails to return homework in a reasonable time-scale. If this becomes repeated behaviour this will then lead to an SLT detention