About Holbrook Academy

Holbrook Academy is a popular community school whose core purpose is to be ambitious and aspirational for all.

We know that a great school means great teaching and learning. Holbrook provides a broad and rich curriculum alongside quality-first teaching to promote student engagement; we aspire to form a sense of awe and wonder within our students. We routinely celebrate student learning alongside their many other successes. Holbrook Academy is a happy and aspirational school community.

Our strength is knowing all our students as individuals. Although popular, Holbrook remains a relatively small school which allows us to understand and value the uniqueness of all our students; both in terms of who they are now and in regards to what they are yet to achieve. We want all our students to know for themselves what it means to be in their element and to think of their future lives without limits; living life “to infinity and beyond”. Our school motto is also the heart of our school community.

Students tell us they feel supported and nurtured and we pride ourselves on strong pastoral support. Holbrook Academy is an inclusive school which values diversity and respects difference. It is a fundamental belief of ours that all students should have a sense of belonging and feel safe; including feeling safe to be who they are. We take care of our students so that they can go on to flourish both personally and academically.

Ours is a school community which we are all very proud of and I would very much like to welcome you to our school.