Holbrook Academy’s Curriculum:

  • Is inclusive and adapted to meet the needs of all pupils. It seeks to address social disadvantage;
  • Offers a strong academic core of subjects, a broad range of foundation subjects and a wide enrichment offer;
  • Promotes and values all curriculum areas;
  • Is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure ALL pupils have the knowledge, skills, confidence and cultural capital they need to: follow their chosen pathways; be prepared for future learning and employment; and succeed in life;
  • Is structured in a way that students know what knowledge and skills are to be gained at each stage of learning and enables progression;
  • Is rooted in the national curriculum then shaped on our knowledge of individuals, groups and cohorts of students;
  • Seeks to understand and build on prior learning, address gaps in knowledge, correct misconceptions and add interventions if students fall behind or need additional support;
  • Places importance on the teaching of literacy and numeracy;
  • Celebrates and promotes reading;
  • Enhances pupils’ spiritual, moral social and cultural development;
  • Builds character, student voice, independence and leadership;
  • Is suitably demanding, promotes challenge and develops aspiration;
  • Promotes fundamental British values and places learning in the context of the local, national and global community.

At Holbrook Academy, we recognise the importance of the whole curriculum and our offer is broad and balanced.  Our subject teachers work closely together to ensure that students are aware of how their learning links together.  Students develop their literacy and numeracy skills in all subject areas.

We consider carefully the needs of each individual to ensure that all students have every opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience for life beyond Holbrook Academy.

We review our learning offer regularly and adapt to the changing ‘life’ outside of the Academy reflecting changes in technology and the local and national world or work for example.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our recognition that to be fully successful, our students need to have opportunities to develop as young citizens in modern Britain.  Through day to day school life and through our Active Citizenship and PSHEE programmes, we promote the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different beliefs.

The Curriculum Detail 2022-2023 provides subject information for each year group and identifies what will be taught throughout each term.

Please click to view the full Curriculum Detail 2023-2024