Delivering Equality at Holbrook Academy

Holbrook Academy is fully committed to delivering our Equality Action Plan alongside monitoring its impact on a termly basis. Our Equality policy can be viewed on our policies page and our action plan is detailed below. These actions are also embedded in our Academy Improvement Plan, which can also be viewed on our website within the “About Holbrook Academy” section. If you wish to provide any feedback regarding our priorities, or to comment on any of the issues raised in these key documents, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Equalities Action Plan 2021-2022:

  • Termly monitoring of progress, attendance, rewards and engagement aligned with protected characteristics.
  • Audit of learning resources and portrayal of protected characteristics
  • To use student displays to promote diversity
  • To deliver further training on unconscious bias
  • TMY to deliver KS3 assembly on LGBT history / challenge misuse of the word ‘gay’. Use of LGBTQ+ inclusive language toolkit
  • To promote positive role models from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic groups community
  • To ensure there is a 50% reduction in the number of racist / homophobic incidents (number of incidents reduced from 11 to 8)
  • To ensure that Accessibility Plan is routinely monitored by Governors
  • To promote aspiration for girls in our school. Use alumni to promote diversity. To ensure that we challenge any gender perceptions in regard to future employment
  • To ensure we use assemblies and displays to mark religious festivities of all faiths.
  • To monitor student destinations and align with protected characteristics; monitoring any patterns or concerns
  • To ensure we undertake reading assessments for any Stage 1 EAL students to inform intervention and support.
  • TMY to meet student equality group to set up action plan which will focus on priorities including Transphobia
  • To embed restorative approaches across the school
  • To audit AR against protected characteristics
  • Inclusion spreadsheet to be launched