Accelerated Reader (AR)

As a school, we are subscribed to a programme called Accelerated Reader to measure your child’s reading progress and to build their love of reading. Many of you may be aware of this programme from your child’s primary school. Accelerated Reader works by guiding children to books that are the right level of challenge for them; helping ensure they can comfortably access what they are reading independently, but also have room to grow and progress in their reading ability. You can learn more about Accelerated Reader, and all other Renaissance programmes on their website,

To find books that are the right level of challenge for them, the programme includes an assessment called Star Reading. These assessments are conducted within school (at the beginning of each term) under test conditions to help children concentrate and get an accurate result for them.

  • Please note: the Star Reading test is not a pass/fail assessment, but instead measures your child’s ability to ensure they are reading the right books and receiving the correct support for them.

We conduct these STAR reading tests three times a year (Sept, Jan and April/May), using the data provided to support students with selecting books and offering intervention to those identified as requiring extra support. We are currently in the process of conducting the final STAR test of the year. However, based on previous STAR tests, we are happy to report that we have seen progress across both Y7 and Y8 with regards to their reading scores.  The data provided from the STAR reading tests can be found by clicking on the link below:-