We are proud of our calm and productive working environment. Relationships between students and staff are based on empathy, courtesy and mutual respect. In order to fulfill our high expectations, we model, encourage and reward good behaviour and work at all times.

Students who demonstrate maturity, self-discipline and commitment to the Academy are selected by their peers as members of the Student Council and are representatives on the Junior Leadership Team as prefects and senior prefects in Year 11. Our Head Boy and Head Girl are given significant responsibilities and represent the student face of the Academy at public events. Other students serve as Community Ambassadors, escorting visitors around the Academy. Governors regularly seek direct feedback from students.

When expectations for behaviour are not met there is an experienced pastoral team to support students with behaviour difficulties. We do have a range of sanctions to use when we feel punishment is needed. This includes detention of appropriate duration or isolation from other students for a fixed time. In very exceptional circumstances, and in the interests of the whole school, the Headteacher will decide to exclude a student. In this process, parents have the right of appeal. A copy of the appeals procedure is available from the Academy.

The complete, current Behaviour and Rewards Policy can be found in the Values and Policies section of this website.

Home Learning

Home learning is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. It is important in raising student achievement and helps cement learning and develop wider independent learning that is crucial in later stages of education.

Because the nature of home learning tasks varies greatly, it is not easy to define precisely how much time students across the age and ability range should spend on each piece of work. The demands of GCSE coursework and revision, for example, will pose different challenges for individual students. However, as a broad guide homework tasks should last for the following times –

Year 7 – 20 minutes
Year 8 – 30 minutes
Year 9 – 40 minutes
Year 10 and 11 – approximately 1 hour

Teachers are not encouraged to set home learning tasks just for the sake of setting it. Home learning forms part of an integrated learning package.


All Students

  • Black trousers (No leggings, jeans, ’skinny’ or jean style trousers), or
  • Black skirt (Knee length pleated or straight but not frilled or tight/figure hugging)
  • Plain white shirt with Academy tie
  • Navy jumper with Academy logo (Year 11 – Black jumper with Academy logo)
  • Black school shoes (No trainers, canvas shoes, coloured soles/laces or open toe shoes)
  • Charcoal-coloured unisex Bermuda-style shorts may be worn during the Summer term and, should the weather justify it and when notified by the Academy, shorts may also be worn in September and before Easter.

General Uniform Rules

No coloured t-shirts to be worn under shirts

  • Belts should be black and fit belt loops of school trousers/skirts
  • Jewellery and make up should be
  • Ear piercings should be discreet and consist of a single piercing in the earlobe, not bars and rings or studs at the top of the ear which can be a health and safety issue.
  • No facial or other body piercings – this includes any facial piercings such as nose, tongue, eyebrow
  • No inappropriate hair colours/extreme styles – experimentation with hair style / colour should be saved for the holidays.
  • No stick-on nails. If worn, nail polish should be a neutral colour.

On all issues of uniform, Form Tutors and staff from the Pastoral team will have the final say on what is discreet and appropriate for school.

Academy jumpers, ties and PE Kit are available from Coes of Ipswich  – www.coesschoolwear.co.uk/.

All other items of Academy uniform are available from the usual stockists of Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, etc and Coes of Ipswich also have a good, well priced range.