Governing Body

What do the governors do?

  • The governors are partners in the strategic leadership of the school
  • We make sure the school is providing the best possible education for our students
  • We make sure the school is managing its funds so it can do this
  • We make sure the school is keeping students safe
  • We challenge the Headteacher to make things even better

Our recent achievements

  • We sought out an exceptional Headteacher in 2013, who perfectly matches our aspirations as a high achieving small rural school. He has inspired students and staff to do their very best, while seeing the school through a time of great change, and his charismatic leadership has nurtured the trust and enthusiasm of parents and the wider community
  • We have supported and monitored the impact of a ground-breaking new programme of change – including the extended school day, the innovative enrichment activities scheme and some really challenging targets for improving students’ progress
  • We have worked through significant budget issues, helping to turn the school around so that we now have a highly qualified and motivated team of staff, a big boost of student numbers and the financial sustainability for an exciting and secure future
  • We have overseen the school’s rapid and solid improvement so that now our results are among the best in the county and we are even in the Times Top 50 state schools in the UK

What do the governors want the school to do?

The Governing Body of Holbrook Academy plays a really important role in monitoring the progress of the students and the quality of education they receive. We want to make sure every child achieves their potential so we keep a close on eye on how teachers are helping each individual child to make their targets. The quality of education is our priority.

We work closely with the senior management of the school, ensuring they involve parents, grandparents, primary schools, sixth forms, employers  and the needs of the  villages we serve. We want to support all the staff and volunteers in school to make it the happiest learning environment around.

We want all the children who come to Holbrook to leave with the best results possible, an enthusiasm for sports, arts and serving their community, lots of friends and happy memories, keen ambitions for their future and an understanding of the part they can play in the wider world.

How often do the governors meet?

The full governing body meets once a term. The Head teacher reports to us on school development, the progress of all pupils and the performance of the school as a whole. We ask the Head and the Senior Leadership challenging questions to make sure the school is on track and aiming high.

We have to consider guidance issued by the Department for Education and keep abreast of changes in law and policy affecting schools. We also approve all school policies covering every aspect of school life – from safeguarding to homework.

We oversee the performance of the school– financially and academically.  This work is conducted in closer detail by committees. We have two main committees which meet twice a term.

Quality and Monitoring: this looks at performance data and checks that the ambitious goals set by the Headteacher and Senior Management are on track to produce the right results for all sorts of children.

Finance and Personnel: oversees the budget and financial planning of the school – we make sure the school spends every penny wisely to maximise the opportunities for children. We also want the place to be safe and healthy for everyone. We also make sure the school has effective performance management structures in place and check on policies to ensure the well-being and development of staff.

Who are the governors and how can I contact them?

Our governors come from a variety of backgrounds – some are staff, some are parents and some are representatives from the local community. Governors  have many different skills and experience which they bring to the board. We visit the school regularly and feel part of the school community. You can contact any of us via the school office, by phone or email.

For a register of Governors’ interests, please click on the following link:-

Register of Governors 2019-20

Becoming a governor

The governing body is constituted in accordance with the Academy Articles of Association. If you would like to register an interest in the next available vacancy, please contact the Chair of Governors via the Academy.

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