You will find below details of the Academy uniform for all students.  In addition, students will need to have a PE Kit comprising polo shirt, shorts/skort, long-sleeved games top and long games socks, all of which are available from Coes Schoolwear


Black school shoes       (No trainers, coloured soles/laces or open toe shoes)
Black trousers               (No jeans, ’skinny’ or jean style trousers)
Plain white polo shirt
School sweatshirt           Blue
Black school shoes       (No trainers, boots or open toe shoes)
Black skirt                     (Knee length pleated or straight but not frilled)
Black trousers               (No jeans, ’skinny’ or jean style trousers or leggings)
Plain white polo shirt
School sweatshirt          Blue

Year 11

As above but with a black Academy sweater and white cotton shirt and striped tie.

General Uniform Rules

  • No coloured t-shirts to be worn under polo shirts
  • Belts should be black and fit belt loops of school trousers/skirts
  • Jewellery and make up should be discreet
  • No facial or other body piercings – this includes any facial piercings such as tongue, eyebrow, nose
  • No inappropriate hair colours/extreme styles – experimentation  with hair style / colour should be saved for the holidays.