Supporting your child

Your support will make the world of difference to your child – here are a few simple ways you can help them during their time at Holbrook Academy

  • make sure they get to school on time
  • give them the right equipment and the right uniform
  • check they are doing their homework
  • give them lots of praise
  • get them to read newspapers, books, magazines
  • encourage them to do after school activities
  • come to parents evenings to find out how they are doing
  • help them get the best attendance record
  • make sure they get the sleep and rest they need at night
  • ask them how their day went and keep talking about how things are going …not always easy with teenagers!

These years can be very tricky for young people, so please do let us know if you have any concerns about how they are coping, friendship problems, worries at home, progress in any subject or any other issue.  Your child’s form teacher will probably be the best person to talk to first.