Key Stage 4

French, Spanish and German (Year 11 only) are offered as options, working towards the Edexcel GCSE examination. Latin is offered from beginner level as an extra-curricular choice for more able linguists and working towards the WJEC level 2 certificate (GCSE higher level). All language qualifications contribute to the Progress 8 measure.

A variety of teaching and learning resources is used, including the Edexcel French, Spanish and German books, the Encore Tricolore course, the Logo 4 course, authentic materials such as magazines, the internet, books and advertisements; the Cambridge Schools classics project course and a range of websites.

Key Stage 3

All students study French throughout the three years of KS3. Most students in Year 8 and 9 also study Spanish, and both languages are offered as options to GCSE exam level in KS4.

Teaching groups are arranged broadly by ability level but there is scope for students to change groups if they make above or below expected rates of progress in languages.

Progress in both French and Spanish is assessed in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and equal emphasis is placed on all four areas of attainment.

Home learning is set on a weekly basis and includes learning vocabulary, preparing spoken work, reading comprehension, writing short passages in the target language and preparing translations into English. A variety of learning resources is used, including the Expo course, the Encore Tricolore course and the linguascope web site.

French and Spanish lessons also actively promote the skills of group work, independent work, co-operation, empathy, cultural awareness and self-awareness.

Year 7



Personal ID; families; meeting people; homes; time; daily routine; sport and leisure; numbers; opinions. Articles; gender; present tense verbs; irregular verbs; reflexive verbs; adjective agreement; compound sentences; verb plus infinitive; negatives.
Year 8



Outings; family relationships; weather; sports and hobbies; food and drink; Countries; holidays. More adjectives and agreements; comparisons; present and perfect tenses of regular verbs; future tense of some verbs; complex sentences; the simple future tense (French).
Year 9




Future plans and jobs; expressing and explaining opinions; holiday plans; global issues; areas of France; life in African Francophone countries; Austria / Switzerland. More on the future tense; revision / extension of the perfect tense; imperatives; connectives; comparisons; narratives; modal verbs