Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

A GCSE in Business is offered to students in Key Stage 4.  The qualification is Edexcel’s GCSE in Business (2BC01) and comprises one controlled assessment task and two exam papers, both of which are taken at the end of Year 11.

Business covers a range of topics in relation to small businesses including, starting a small business; finance and cash flow; marketing; entrepreneurial skills and recruitment. These topics will be covered in lessons, in preparation for the two examinations. The controlled assessment with be 6 hours of research based on the theory learnt in class followed by a three hour write up of these findings under controlled conditions.

Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business – 45 minutes (25%). This paper covers five topic areas and is multiple-choice and objective test questions.

Unit 4: Business Communications – 1 hour 30 minutes (50%). This is a specialist paper that will comprise of a combination of multiple-choice, short- and extended-answer questions.

Controlled Assessment: Investigating Small Business – 9 hours (25%).  This task covers the content studied in Unit 1. Research and investigation is carried out on a small business of the student’s choice, with a maximum of six hours available for these activities. The analysis and evaluation of the task (final write-up) is completed in school under controlled conditions, with 3 hours available for this activity.

This is a new subject area of study for students in Key Stage 4 and they need to be aware of the steep learning curve required to learn new concepts and terminology.